Friday, August 31, 2007

Conversations with Kane, part one

Kane: "Reality is a question of perspective; the further you get from the past, the more concrete and plausible it seems -- but as you approach the present, it inevitably seems incredible." Wtf is wrong with him man? (him here is Varadan)

Me: The idea is that an incident in the past, which has an impact on you, feels good. But as time moves on, it is something like an avalanche, and the incident becomes more and more glorified till it acquires the status of a legend. It could be glorified in your mind, or it can be glorified in public consciousness. It would be something like hyping up the past incident.

Kane: Very true.

Me: Well, now I am sure that is not what beerbelly intends to say.

Kane: Hahaha!

Me: His is more a case of something like this:
Consider an analogy. You feel you can do something, such as perform on stage. But as the time approaches for you to do it, you get more and more nervous and your confidence is shattered for no reason other than stage fright.
Now step back and think of an incident that occurred. In hindsight, it seems okay, but in the moment it does seem incredible, maybe for the novelty factor, and maybe in the heat of the incident, you cannot imagine it happening.

Kane: Dude u seem in a philosophical mood today.

Me: I am bored, thats all. Don't even think what I am saying actually makes sense.

Kane: For mere mortals like us it doesn't.

Me: See, it is easy to speak rubbish and claim it is a great philosophical truth. Or, to simply muddle the heck out of people's brains.

Kane: lol

Me: And it would be funny if people started taking it seriously.

Kane: Quite!

Me: Funnier yet if another person does the same with the same effect.

Kane: Quite!

Me: And funniest if the two sets of people start fighting with each other as to which one spoke the greater truth.

Kane: Hahaha indeed!

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