Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend Sports

This is a conversation between me and an American colleague.

Me: We're playing cricket on Saturday. You're coming.

AC: Can't make it this weekend. Besides, I am more of a golf person.

Me: What's so interesting about golf?

AC: I just love it, man.

Me: What about it?

AC: You know when you go to the course for the first time? You swing hard and miss. You miss the ball completely the first hundred times. And then the one time you hit it, it is so sweet, it is the perfect shot. That one shot makes it totally worth it.

Me: That sounds like too much effort for a little bit of pleasure.

AC: That's just the beauty of golf.

Me: Well, how about we spice this up a bit?

AC: How would you do that?

Me: Suppose that instead of just one hole, there are many holes scattered all around you, and you can choose which one to aim at.

AC: Okay, I'm with you on that.

Me: Further, suppose that the ball is not still, it is moving and you have to hit it at the right moment.

AC: Ah, interesting. Crazy, but interesting.

Me: The ball is not on rolling on the ground. It is in the air, flying around waist height, and depending on its trajectory and position, you have to choose your hole, and the precise moment to hit the ball.

AC: That's like no golf I know, but where do I sign up?

Me: So, see you Saturday for cricket?