Sunday, February 03, 2008

Remembering the Busby Babes

The Busby Babes
(Click here to listen to it sung at the Stretford End)

Oh Manchester,
Manchester United,
A bunch of bouncing Busby babes,
They deserve to be knighted.

If ever they're playing in your town,
You must get to that football ground,
Take a look and you will see,
Football taught by Matt Busby.

They are the greatest team today,
If you don't believe it go see them play,
The type of football, second to none,
'Cos they're at the top of Division One!

It's the greatest thrill that you've ever seen,
They are known as a soccer machine,
They are the best, there is no doubt,
So raise a cheer and give a shout.

Down on Maine Road's greasy pastures,
Play a load of dozy bastards,
Colin Bell, the City ace,
A ruptured duck has got more pace.