Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Found a Sufi teaching that illustrates the point of God:
A man knocked on the God's door. "Who's is there?" asked God from within. "It's me," said the man. "Go away then. There is no room for two," said God. The man departed and wandered in the arid desert until he realized his error. Returning to the door, he knocked once again. "Who's is there?" asked God as before. "You," answered the man. "Then come in," God replied.
(Quote from here.)


Gaurav said...

Another statement about finding God in oneself. Isnt it just a way of exalting yourself to some superfluous heights?

Sailesh Ganesh said...

Well, I certainly am not going to find God outside of myself!

PS said...

reminds me of my school chemistry teacher who had this poster in his room that said:
"Knock knock"
"Who's there?"
"It can't be"
"Coz opportunity knocks only once"

Sanjit said...

Sailesh Ganesh said...

PS: lol! God, apparently provides multiple chances.

Sanjit: The link is probably