Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What religion are you?

Check out this link. It tells you which religion your views are closely matched to. My score as a Hindu was 96% and as a Buddhist, 88%. I cannot verify the accuracy of the results, but it will be interesting to see how everyone scores. Why don't you take the test and leave a comment? And if people are really in the mood for it, we can discuss the results too! Just kidding. Not.


Chelsea on the cheap here.


pratyk said...

Your beliefs most closely resemble those of Satanism! Before you scream, do a bit of research on it. To be a Satanist, you don't actually have to believe in Satan. Satanism generally focuses upon the spiritual advancement of the self, rather than upon submission to a deity or a set of moral codes. Do some research if you immediately think of the satanic cult stereotype. Your beliefs may also resemble those of earth-based religions such as paganism.

Gaurav said...

Satanism- 96% hahahah. Pllz dont call an exorcist man!!

Anonymous said...


What do u say about recent debacle of Man Utd? Should fergusson ass be kicked? how to restucture Man u?

Rahul said...

that's me...
agnosticism 83%
Buddhism 75%
Satanism 71%
atheism 67%
Islam 63%
Judaism 42%
Hinduism 42%
Paganism 42%
Christianity 21%

Sailesh Ganesh said...

What do u say about recent debacle of Man Utd? Should fergusson ass be kicked? how to restucture Man u?

This has been discussed to no end on other blogs and some groups. Going by recent results in the premiership (Wigan, Villa) the team looks in good shape and could have (should have?) won both by 5 clear goals. 6 wins out of 7 in the premiership is good form. Getting knocked out of the Champions League was unfortunate, but nothing more than a blip. The team needs a couple of central midfielders, but otherwise there is no need to change anything.

Sanjit said...

Humanity is the only religion that need be followed!! Rest all is bull shit.


Read what satanism means before u are too pleased ;-)

Anonymous said...

roystein is ready to report on duty in ManU's central defence...